What to Know About Big Blinds and Small Blinds

An important tool for success in any poker game is the ability to successfully play the blinds. This means knowing when to make a move depending on the level of the blind and the position you are in with relation to the blind. Timing your plays appropriately and knowing how to defend the blind can result in a big win.

Big Blinds

A blind is basically a bet that a player is forced to make before he or she is able to see any cards, and are an important part of keeping a poker game exciting. The big blind position is situated a couple of places to the left of the dealer, and requires a larger bet. It is very important to defend your blind: don't be intimidated by someone who raises or calls your blind. Remember that this is position of power.

Small Blinds

The small blind is the player seated to the left of the big blind. Some people consider this to be one of the least favorable positions, but if you know what to do in this situation, you can get ahead of your opponents. When playing the small blind, you will generally place a bet that is half of the big blind. It is more difficult to win on the small blind, so the goal here is to simply avoid big losses.

Placing bets and defending blinds can put players in a stressful situation. Sitting down at a table with a confident determination to defend the big blind when it comes around to you and to control losses in the small blind can keep you afloat in the game.

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