Strategies for Playing Re-Buy Tourtnaments

Re-buy tournaments in poker are those in which players are allowed multiple buy-ins. That is, players are allowed to buy a new stack of chips when they run out to avoid being forced out of the game. Many poker players favor the re-buy tournament because it reduces the chance of early elimination.

The Importance of Planning Ahead

One of the most important strategies to master in the case of a re-buy tournament is the art of financial planning. Some novice players are overly ambitious at the beginning of a tournament, and opt for an expensive buy in. These players often throw caution to the wind, since they know they can re-buy in later. What they don't realize, however, is that their bankroll will diminish faster than they expect. Thus, it is important to start with a low buy-in and save money for later.

Double Buy-In

In addition to the option of re-buying into a game, players are also offered the opportunity to double re-buy. This means that they can double their re-buy price to get double the chips. This is not required, of course, and some players decide not to do this in order to hold on to some of their bankroll. However, it is often advisable to do so, since you don't want start the game at a disadvantage compared to players who did double buy, and now have twice the chips you do.

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