Silver Fox Blackjack Count

Silver Fox Blackjack counting system is an ideal solution for blackjack players who want to have an edge over the house but cannot handle complex counting systems. This counting system was developed by Ralph Stricker who is familiar to almost all blackjack professionals. Stricker explained this counting system in many seminars. He also wrote a book on this which is named as The Silver Fox Blackjack System- You Can Count On It .

The Silver Fox counting system is a level one system which is so easy to that most blackjack players should be able to handle it. This is a balanced system where remembering the card values is really easy. In this system, the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6- all are counted as +1 while the nine, ten and ace are counted as -1. The system is called level one blackjack system as there is nothing higher than +1 and at the same time nothing lower than -1. The simplicity of this system makes it real easy to remember the cards. In this system, a player does not need to remember individual cards. He will only need to use simple addition or subtraction. The system may not be as effective as other complex card counting systems but it surely allows the user to have an edge on the game.

In Silver Fox Blackjack counting system, the betting correlation is 0.96 which is very solid. The efficiency of this system is 0.53 and the insurance correlation is 0.69. The insurance correlation measures how well a system can identify the situations where the player can take insurance. The playing efficiency may not be very satisfying when compared to other counting systems but considering the simplicity of this system, it really worth to look at. Overall, the Silver Fox Blackjack counting system is a balanced card counting system which is one of the easiest counting systems in blackjack.

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