In the world of gambling, there are high rollers and there are low rollers. Both place bets but the only difference is the amount that is wagered. In poker, be it online or offline, we have high rollers and folks who are low limit players. Hence we have come up with exclusive tips to target these low limit players so they can win and play effectively.

Pay Attention: Paying attention involves three factors A - Who are your opponents? B - Your Bankroll and Imagination C - Your Emotions

One useful tip is to use your sense of visualization as it will help you in the long run. Even if you are placing small bets, visualize that you have placed bets of 1000$ or 100$. This makes you realize the importance of your decisions and your hard earned money. With this imagination, you can manage your emotions too, and it leads us to our first category. You opponents matter too, if they are dumb or stubborn, they will lose swiftly.

Follow Discipline: If you are more of an action oriented person then you can sit at a 6 hand table and continue playing. Quick decisions are involved here and the whole environment demands aggressiveness and discipline managed all together.

Foresee The Odds: During your whole game session, if you find it hard to win then it is time for you to pack up and leave gracefully. There is no harm at quitting ahead when you have the room for it. Don't let your bankroll empty on you.

It is always wise to come back and start playing again. Just practice online poker games and you will be pro in a few weeks or months.

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